8 Loving and Creative Ways to Market for Valentine’s Day 😍

Here are some loving❤️ and creative ways to market your company this Valentine’s season!

  1. Showcase Some Old School Love: Offer a promotional discount or coupon on your social media account for the best love stories your clients tell of their grandparents, great-grandparent or older relatives using hashtags like #oldschoollove(your business) or #vintagelove(your business).
  2. Bad Breakup Competitions: Similar to the previous idea but instead of adorable old love stories, tell your clients to share their worst dates/breakups using hashtags like #badbreakup(your business) or #terribledate(your business)
  3. Love Your Logo:  Switch up your company’s logo and give it a little Valentine’s Day charm.
  4. Encourage Self Love: Make sure your customers know that they spend some of that Valentine’s affection on themselves with single/personalized promotions geared towards singles as well as couples.
  5. Hall of Shame: Again bring out your social media platforms (preferable instagram for this one) and hold a contest of terrible gifts from people’s S.O.’s, the best pictures/stories will get the best discount. Hashtags like #hallofshame(your business) will get people talking about the contest and your business.
  6. Love Coupons: A simple classic that still works, create Valentine’s Day themed coupons.
  7. All About Heart: February not only holds the international day of love but it’s also Women’s Health Awareness Month, so show a little extra care to the women out there and promote the pink all February long.
  8. C.C. Photos and S.S. Photos: Using the hashtags #cc(your business) and #ss(your business), hold a fun completion for cutest couples and single selfies, giving out two promotions instead of one; doubling your social media exposure.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ❤️ this year and market with fun!

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