6 Holidays to Market for in March 💐

When most people think of March, they probably think of St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, and spring time. Here are a couple creative ways you can market your business and stay relevant this month:

  1. Daylight Savings Time: 🕑 Launch a campaign to remind people about it and how exciting it is since it’s a sign that summer is almost here.  Adding a positive vibe to your brand is always a great tactic!
  2. International Women’s Day: 👩 Time to showcase how your brand is supporting the cause.  Remember, you don’t always need to launch a sale or a discount. Stay relevant by simply raising awareness of your initiatives.
  3. Saint-Patrick’s Day – March 17: 🍀 Irish or not, many people have fun celebrating Saint-Patrick’s Day. Create a luck of the Irish campaign.
  4. End of Winter Sale: Launch a clearance sale celebrating the end of winter! Don’t get stuck with old inventory.
  5. 1st Day of Spring: The season officially starts on March 20, but shoppers will welcome cheerful colors, 💐 pretty flowers, etc. a bit earlier this year.
  6. Spring Break: Spring Break is not just for college-aged teens – kids and adults can enjoy this mini-vacation as well. Why not showcase a fun activity or remind people to take a “break” for themselves and enjoy your product?

Is there a holiday we missed, or do you have a unique way you market to your customers during the spring? Please share + comment below!

8 Loving and Creative Ways to Market for Valentine’s Day 😍

Here are some loving❤️ and creative ways to market your company this Valentine’s season!

  1. Showcase Some Old School Love: Offer a promotional discount or coupon on your social media account for the best love stories your clients tell of their grandparents, great-grandparent or older relatives using hashtags like #oldschoollove(your business) or #vintagelove(your business).
  2. Bad Breakup Competitions: Similar to the previous idea but instead of adorable old love stories, tell your clients to share their worst dates/breakups using hashtags like #badbreakup(your business) or #terribledate(your business)
  3. Love Your Logo:  Switch up your company’s logo and give it a little Valentine’s Day charm.
  4. Encourage Self Love: Make sure your customers know that they spend some of that Valentine’s affection on themselves with single/personalized promotions geared towards singles as well as couples.
  5. Hall of Shame: Again bring out your social media platforms (preferable instagram for this one) and hold a contest of terrible gifts from people’s S.O.’s, the best pictures/stories will get the best discount. Hashtags like #hallofshame(your business) will get people talking about the contest and your business.
  6. Love Coupons: A simple classic that still works, create Valentine’s Day themed coupons.
  7. All About Heart: February not only holds the international day of love but it’s also Women’s Health Awareness Month, so show a little extra care to the women out there and promote the pink all February long.
  8. C.C. Photos and S.S. Photos: Using the hashtags #cc(your business) and #ss(your business), hold a fun completion for cutest couples and single selfies, giving out two promotions instead of one; doubling your social media exposure.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ❤️ this year and market with fun!

5 Thoughtful Ways to Thank your Customers 🙌

We’re all grateful for our customers. They are the lifeblood of our companies, the fuel to our fire, the engine that keeps us going. As Thanksgiving grows near, it’s a good time to reflect on those that have given us so much. 🦃

Need ideas? Here are 5 thoughtful ways to show them your gratitude:

1. Write a handwritten note.

In today’s age of electronic everything, the fact that you took the time out of your day to hand write a thank you letter for someone truly shows that you care. It may seem old-fashioned, but a handwritten note still comes across as a thoughtful, poignant gift. It’s simple, easy, and effective.

2. Send a personalized gift or gift basket.

Along that same line, a personalized gift or gift basket goes over well. Flowers, chocolates, and other goodies are nice gestures, but be sure to know your customers’ allergies or dietary needs. The last thing you want to do is send them something they can’t fully enjoy.

3. Reward them on social media.

Do you have a follower or followers that consistently respond or reach out to you? Make them feel special by rewarding their engagement: give them points for commenting, sharing posts, and even leaving a review. A special gift for so many points is sure to inspire followers!

4. Have B2B customers? Refer them!

Nothing shows more appreciation to another business than a warmhearted referral. They also go a long way towards new business for your customer, which helps elevate your relationship with them as well. If you can’t refer, at the very least, leave a nice, thorough review of your customer’s business online.

5. Offer a great deal or special upgrade.

Have you had your current customers for a while? Offer them a special discount code or upgrade part of their purchase for free. The surprise will surely be well-received.

These are just a few ways to show gratitude to your customers.

Have other ideas? Please share them below!

5 Fun Halloween Marketing Ideas for your Small Business

5 fun halloween marketing ideas for your small business

Fall is in full swing, and Halloween is just around the corner! You can get in the spirit of Halloween and capitalize on the seasonal marketing, no matter what small business you may have! Here are several ways to get into the spooky spirit 🎃:

1. Dress up your online presence

A Halloween-themed logo or a couple of scary Instagram posts could lend a social media spur to your business. Showing your spirit on your Facebook profile photo and e-newsletter will demonstrate you’re in the holiday spirit.

2. Use your business as a Halloween-scape

Adding fun decor to your place of business is sure to be a treat your customers, AND your employees! Everyone appreciates a bit of holiday spirit. And it doesn’t have to be expensive – many dollar stores and Wal-Mart have spooky decorations for any budget.

3. Offer themed items

Along that same line, you can offer Halloween-themed items. Spas can offer pumpkin-scented lotions and candles; bars can offer a themed drink (think witches brew!); the list goes on and on. And even if your place of business doesn’t lend towards any sort of Halloween-themed item, candy is always appreciated! 🍬 😄

4. Dress up

It’s Halloween – have fun with it! A group photo of your staff in costume is sure to impress, and definitely be added to your social media as a highlight. You can either all choose different costumes, or, even better – keep with the theme of your place of business!

5. Partner with a Fall-themed event or business

Fall Festivals and pumpkin patches are everywhere this time of year. Use these opportunities to host or sponsor an event or part of an event. You’ll get your business name out there and keep with the seasonal spirit.

These are just a few ways for you to incorporate the holiday into your business and marketing. Many people appreciate the Halloween spirit, so there are plenty of good reasons to join in the festivities.